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Grab your deal get up to 50%off.
Grab your deal get up to 50%off.
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Anti-Anxiety Calming Bed For Dog By Blissstore

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Good sleep is necessary to promote good health. Here is the best calming dog bed to show some real love to your dog.

    Your furry kids will love this Anti-Anxiety Pet Bed that is available online and they will rediscover a good night’s sleep. This bed is actually designed to relieve anxiety.

    Calming dog bed


    • It has been proven to relieve anxiety: Our calming pet bed can help relax your pets and soothe them to sleep. This is a well-known concept promoted by therapists based on decades of research that helps ease anxiety. When the pets lie on the bed, they sink in causing the rim of the bed to rise. This elevated rim helps them feel secure and cosy making them relax and release all anxiety. Your pets will calm down faster and feel comfortable.
    • Provides extra comfort: pets always love to curl up therefore the elevated rim provides a good head and neck support. The bed has a soft filling which will help them relax and alleviate any pain or soreness they experience.
    •  It gives your pets personal space: while it is great to cuddle them, it is important to give your pets some space. Their independence and personal space are important so that they rest ad relax peacefully at their own accord.
    • They can easily relax their limbs and joints.
    • The mattress works well both in summers and winters: The temperature is just right. It stays warm in winter and cools in summers
    • Dogs shed hair so it is inevitable that they will shed hair on the bed, but don’t worry it is very easy to clean their hair from this soothing bed.
    • It is made up of ultra-soft vegan fur fabric: The material of this calming pet bed is absolutely comfortable. Even the baby blankets are made from this material. It contains long fibres which are durable and you can wash it in the machine.
    •  It comes in luxury designs to fir the décor of your home.
    •  It is easy to wash: machine wash, gentle cycle; and easy to dry- tumble dry low heat. 


    Recommended Sizes  Estimate only
    50cm Up to 15 lbs / 6.8 kg
    60cm Up to 25 lbs / 11.3 kg
    70cm Up to 35 lbs / 15.8 
    80cm Up to 45 lbs / 20.4 kg
    100cm Up to 100lbs / 45 kg

    Calming pet bed

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